By On July 8th, 2013

Tulsa Firm Develops App to Detect Concussions


Chase Curtiss, founder of Sway Medical, LLC based in Tulsa, has developed an application compatible with iPhones to screen for concussions.  The app utilizes the iPhone’s accelerometers to objectively measure and compare an individual’s balance to pre-game measurements.  This is an important development and will be a helpful tool in determining whether or not it is safe for a player to re-enter the game after being hit.  Curtiss also points out that the app has potential use with the elderly and individuals receiving physical therapy as well.  Sway Medical’s application is the first of its kind to gain approval from the Food and Drug Administration.  Past apps have necessitated physical attachments, but Sway’s type uses mechanisms already included in the iPhone.

For further reading of the Tulsa World article, click here.

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