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I played for the 49er’s, developed hydrocephalus from concussions during the 81 Super Bowl season and underwent emergency VP shunt brain surgery. My shunt failed 4 months after our Super Bowl XVI win, and I went into a  coma. I had 2 more brain surgeries 10 hrs apart and was given last rites at age 23.  In 1986 I returned to school to complete my Biology degree, and survived 5 additional brain surgeries and several gran mal seizures during a 10 month period in ’87 & ’88.

In 1990 at age 32, I finally graduated with a BS degree in Biological Conservation, surgery inducted dyslexia, anti seizure medicine & surgery induced major short term memory deficits, and anger management issues from inflammation in my brain.

By 2010, my primary care recommended I; turn in my drivers license, file for SSDI and get my finances in order. I was 51 years old with 3 children 10, 12, 20 years and a hard working school teacher wife. Instead we were evaluated at Dr Amen’s clinic over a 3 day exam, prescribed hyperbaric oxygen treatments, Omega 3 fish oils and natural anti oxidants (concentrated blueberry, cranberry and acai berry juices in capsules).  I continued to work until last year when I was forced to file for SSDI, and depend on the hard working tax payers to fund my injuries, instead of the $9.5 Billion NFL industry.

I’ve been a wildlife biologist/environmental consultant since I graduated in 1990, and formed The Visger Group, Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting in 2010. I conduct Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery seminars all over the country, and work closely with Dr Rich Ellenbogen, head of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Injury group (click here for “Visger Rules”) on rule changes to reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries in football at all levels. I have personally completed 231 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) since 2010, and my micro-cognitive memory scores have improved over 15 % (at age 54). I would recommend these non pharmaceutical treatments to everyone.

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  1. Ms. Kerry Mischka says:

    Hi George…I survived a severe TBI on August 23, 1997. Although I am a female, having survived a severe TBI is a serious thing for both male and female. It is my passion to understand and help others who have experienced such a trauma. Please contact me if you can. I read what you did for Terri Tautolo and was very impressed. I am also familiar with Dr. Amen and some of the work he has done. Finally, a non-profit is getting off the ground in Tampa, Florida called the Synapse House for stroke and TBI survivors. Please let me know how I can help you. I have also been in contact with Joel Goldstein that has been an advocate for his son Bart that suffered a severe TBI as well. It seems to me that those of us that have done the best post injury have integrated both conventional and non-conventional means to promote healing just as Dr. Amen has suggested. Please let me know what you think. Thank you for your time. Kerry Mischka

    • George Visger says:

      Hi Kerry,
      I am very sorry to hear of your injury.
      TBI’s know no boundaries. Age, occupation, sex etc. A traumatic brain injury is just as it sounds; a traumatic injury to the most important organ in your body. Unlike injuries to other parts of your body, the brain does not heal as well. It was once thought that it never healed, but recent studies using dietary changes and neuroplasticity have proven that theory wrong. As least in some aspects.

      I am not familiar with Synapse House, but Dr. Amen does great work, as does Dr. Barry Sears. I have benefited from both of their work. Sue Rueb’s group, B.R.A.I.N. in Cypress, CA is another great group to refer people to or to get resources for yourself. Sue’s daughter was brain damaged, and Sue and her husband Jerry have dropped everything in their lives to help others afflicted. I work closely with Sue’s group. Joel Goldstein is another who has done great work since his son Bart was injured. It’s hard to find more dedicated individuals than those of us personally affected by TBI.

      You may also want to look into hyperbaric oxygen treatments either for yourself or to help others you work with. I have completed 233 treatments the last 3 years and have had great results.

      I appreciate your offer to help me, but just keep doing what you are doing. I’m doing all I can to get back together. Bringing TBIs to light is one of our best lines of defense so keep pounding the drum. You can spread the word a new movie is coming out in theaters, The United States of Football by Sean Pamphion. It focusses on the long term cognitive effects of playing football. I was interviewed for it. Worth watching.

      Thanks for writing in and your offer to help.

      Yours in this TBI fight.

      George Visger

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