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Introduction of Guest Blogger George Visger


I first met George Visger in 2010 when he responded to a blog I wrote about brain injury and the NFL. He introduced himself as a former NFL player who experienced multiple TBI’s, brain surgeries, dealt with the consequences of his football-related brain injuries and was working as a professional biologist in his own company as well as in the role of an advocate for brain injury. George even volunteered to speak with a patient we were treating at the time who had two brain injuries while playing high school football and, because of the residual brain injury issues, was not able to take advantage of his football scholarship and realize his dream of playing pro-football. At the Santa Clara Brain Injury Conference in 2011 I heard George as a keynote speaker and I introduced myself. Since then I’ve kept in touch with George and followed his work in brain injury advocacy.

The NFL brain injury problem has been an ongoing aspect of NeuroNotes, our blog. Recently I asked George if he would consider being a guest writer for NeuroNotes and, much like I’ve come to understand about George, he graciously accepted. We look forward to featuring George’s contributions and his personal view. Studs Turkel, the writer who chronicles America through the stories told by the person, offers that the best narrative is from the person. I think that the view George Visger will provide the readers of NeuroNotes with the personal narrative that is so important to understanding TBI and how it affects people.


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