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George Visger – The Visger Group Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting

George Visger 1981 Super Bowl Season

George Visger
1981 Super Bowl Season


My football career began at age 11 playing Pee Wee Pop Warner for the West Stockton Bear Cubs in Stockton, CA.  During my third year of Pop Warner, I suffered my first, and one of my most severe concussions when I knocked myself unconscious in a worthless Bull in the Ring drill and was hospitalized. The drill was nothing more than entertainment for the coaches.  It taught us kids nothing about football.  I went on to play at A.A. Stagg High were we compiled a record of 20-1-1 during my two years on the varsity, including 11-0 my senior year with a national ranking. With a 3.0 GPA I earned a football scholarship to the University of Colorado where I majored in Biology, played in the ’77 Orange Bowl and was a 6th round draft choice of the NY Jets in 1980.  I ultimately played for the 49er’s in ’80 & ’81. While playing the Dallas Cowboys in 1980, I suffered a concussion early in the 1st quarter. I never missed a play and later in the week when my memory returned the trainers laughingly told me I went through over 20 smelling salts during the game to keep me on the field. During the following ’81 Super Bowl season I developed hydrocephalus from concussions and underwent emergency VP shunt brain surgery. My shunt failed 4 months after our Super Bowl XVI win, and I went into a coma. I survived two more brain surgeries 10 hours apart and was given last rites at age 23.  In 1986, I returned to school to complete my Biology degree, and survived five additional brain surgeries and several gran mal seizures during a ten month period in ’87 & ’88, while taking Organic Chemistry and Physics courses.


In 1990 at age 32, I finally graduated with a BS degree in Biological Conservation despite eight VP shunt brain surgeries, surgery inducted dyslexia, major short-term memory deficits, and anger management issues from inflammation in my brain. I immediately began my career as a Wildlife Biologist. In 2003, I started an environmental consulting business, Visger & Associates Inc after my ninth VP shunt surgery, and in 2010  launched The Visger Group Traumatic Brain Injury Consulting.


Shortly after, my primary care physician recommended I; turn in my drivers license, file for SSDI and get my finances in order. I was 51 years old with 3 children 10, 12,  and 20 years old, and a hard working school teacher wife. Instead we were evaluated at Dr Amen’s clinic over a 3 day exam, prescribed hyperbaric oxygen treatments, Omega 3 fish oils and natural anti oxidants (concentrated blueberry, cranberry and acai berry juices in capsules).


I currently conduct Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery seminars all over the country, and work closely with Dr. Rich Ellenbogen, head of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Injury group (click here to read “Visger Rules”) on rule changes to reduce Traumatic Brain Injuries in football at all levels. I have personally completed 231 Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments (HBOT) since 2010, and my micro-cognitive memory scores have improved over 15 % (at age 54). I would recommend these non-pharmaceutical treatments to everyone.


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  1. Hello, Mr. Visgar~

    Thank you for sharing your story that highlights positive approaches to healing brains affected by CTE. Here at RN Patient Advocates, we have partnered with physicians and therapists to provide leading edge therapies/treatments/nutrition to heal and improve brain/body function. Certainly HBOT is a part of this.
    Would very much appreciate speaking with you to see how we might collaborate.
    Karen Mercereau, RN, iRNPA

  2. Keith Reynolds says:

    Hi George-This is Keith Reynolds (formerly of Creekside Oaks) from The Pines Senior Community just confirming you will be at The Pines for a 3pm talk tomorrow, October 4th at 3pm. Please bring a w-9 and an invoice. Please confirm you got this message. Thanks~Keith

  3. Two years ago today, after beating the 49ers slimey Work Comp carrier The Travelers, in not only 2 separate hearings and 4 Appeals the prior 2 years, but a CA Court of Appeals verdict to access my first doctors prescribed treatment since injured 36 years prior, we are again awaiting a verdict from the CA Court of Appeals regarding another year of treatment. This after ANOTHER trial win and 2 more Appeals wins this last year plus alone.

    That doesn’t even take into consideration the 3 years of battling creditors, trial wins and Appeals wins to access my Work Comp benefits back in 1985 after I was given last rites during my 3rd brain surgery at age 23 in 1982.

    I’m turning 60 this year.

    Will this nightmare EVER end?

    They have spent nearly a million $ fighting me since 1982. More then they would have spent had they just paid my medical bills for my work injuries. (3 knee surgeries, 9 brain surgeries and a handful of gran mal seizures etc.)

    I’ve been precedent setting in kicking their ass for Work Comp coverage and they are afraid if I continue to survive and win these cases I’ll open the floodgates of hell for 1,000’s of other deserving injured NFL employees.

    Your time will come Travelers.

    You and NFL will soon be held accountable to pay your bills like the rest of us do.

    My biggest regret is Big Rita didn’t live long enough to see us persevere to a rightful victory. She knew God was in control and it would all work out. She told me that matter of factly 100’s of times over the years, after SHE agonized through 9 emergency brain surgeries, gran mal seizures, and watched me struggle with memory, judgement and anger issues as my dementia worsened.

    What person in their right mind, who’s gone through what my family has, wouldn’t be angry?

    It’s the two minute warning Travelers.

    We’ve got the ball and are driving.

    Time to pay your bills, Big Rita is losing her patience.

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