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Ruwan Jayatunge, M.D.: a cross-cultural perspective of TBI and PTSD

Dr. Rolf Gainer, PhD, Diplomate, ABDA

Rolf B. Gainer, Ph.D.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Rowan Jayatunge recently who has shared with me several articles and a book he has written on traumatic brain injury and PTSD based on his clinical work in Sri Lanka and his involvement with soldiers injured in the prolonged conflict. Dr. Jayatunge has written and published a number of books and research articles regarding the war trauma and treatment of psychological injuries. Much like Jonathan Shay, M.D. and his work with the American veteran population, Dr. Jayatunge is well-versed in the history of PTSD and war-related psychological injuries and skillfully brings the historical perspective into his writings in interesting and highly relevant ways. As I read Dr. Jayatunge’s work I realized that he has much to offer in enhancing our understanding of war trauma from a different cultural perspective.

Rowan Jayatunge graduated from the Vinnitsa National Medical University, Ukraine and following his training he joined the Ministry of Health- Government of Sri Lanka. He worked as the Medical Officer of Health and Divisional Director of Health Services in Minipe and MOIC of the Kolongoda Rural Hospital. From 2002-2006 he worked with Sri Lankan war veterans at the Military Hospital Columbo where he studied the effects of combat-related PTSD. Dr. Jayatunge is one of the pioneers in studying the psycho-social effects of PTSD in Sri Lanka. He has lectured on the subject of war trauma extensively in the United States at universities and in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Dr. Jayatunge has gone on to further training in EMDR with Dr. Susan Rogers and is furthering his psychological studies at York University in Toronto. Dr. Jayatunge resides in Toronto with his family.

Dr. Jayatunge has been most generous in allowing us to feature one of his articles on TBI and PTSD on NeuroNotes. I look forward to Dr. Jayatunge joining us in the future as a contributor to NeuroNotes.

Click here to read Dr. Jayatunge’s article.



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