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Craig Phillips: Thriving after a childhood brain injury

Craig Phillips Kick

Craig Phillips


NeuroNotes is pleased to host Mr. Craig Phillips as a guest blogger. I met Craig through his blog, Second Chance to Live, and most recently at Southwest Disability Conference where he was a keynote speaker. Craig brings his personal story of living with the effects of a traumatic brain injury sustained when he was a child and his redefining of his life. I thought that Craig could offer much to readers of NeuroNotes through his inspiring story.

Craig was recently interviewed by Michael Shaughnessy, Education Views Senior Columnist.  Click here to read the interview about Craig Phillips.


Craig Phillips

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  1. Megan Slipper says:

    remember me? Chatting w you LONG AGO! I’d like to ask a question…Is there a reason why now I’m not sympathetic? Also, I am just so self-absorbed… I used to care about others, now I can’t cry, much less not cry!?

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