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Brainline Interviews Ron Broughton: Measuring outcomes in the treatment of TBI


Brainline.org is a resource, a place of support and information, for anyone who deals with brain injury from the individuals with brain injury to their families as well as professionals working within the field.  It is part of WETA which is the public television and radio station in Washington, D.C.  Brainline has interviewed the Chief Clinical Officer of the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute (NRI) here at Brookhaven Hospital, Ron Broughton.

Mr. Broughton has been with NRI at Brookhaven Hospital for over eleven years.  He serves as the Chairman of the Ethics and Performance Improvement Committees at our hospital.  Mr. Broughton received a Master of Education in Community Counseling from the University of Central Oklahoma.  He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, is approved to supervise LPC candidates, and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer.  He has worked extensively with severely mentally ill and brain injured patients in community mental health and inpatient settings.  Mr. Broughton has written academic papers and given presentations on schizophrenia, psychosis, ethics and counseling those with brain injury.  He also served on an expert panel for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services and is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Oklahoma Counseling Association.

In this final installment of a series of topics in Mr. Broughton’s interview with Brainline, he talks about the difficulty of measuring outcomes in the treatment of brain injury.  Determining exactly what is a successful outcome should be based on the individual, and this can vary widely from person to person in regard to the nature and severity of the brain injury.  Mr. Broughton also addresses the need to eradicate stigma when it comes to individuals with brain injury.

Click here to watch the interview.

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