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“When We Get Home” A Military Couples Journey of Recovery

KaylaWilliamsBookOne of the pleasures of working with brain injury survivors, for me, is when they share their journey of recovery. When the story involves the shared experiences of a family living through brain injury, from a couple who served together in a war zone along with open and honest dialogue of his and her physical and mental health challenges with revitalizing their lives, you have this Army veterans complete attention. In her recently published memoir, Plenty of Time When We Get Home: Love and Recovery in the Aftermath of War,” Kayla Williams shares her experience of supporting her husband Brian McGough’s recovery from a combat related brain injury, while living through her own personal trauma’s of war.  In a radio interview with Terry Gross of National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast on February 10th, 2014, the couple shared in greater detail some of the experiences of their lives outlined in Ms. Williams’s memoir. From graphic details of Brian’s brain injury to a shocking story of a day when Kayla asked Brian to end her life, the couple presented the most candid and insightful perspective of a shared journey from combat related brain injury and post traumatic stress this veteran has heard in any medium.  For those who believe they have heard it all when it comes to surviving the aftermath of war or brain trauma, here is another lesson in the ever evolving twists in the lives of those experiencing these types of life altering journeys.

Click here to listen to this moving story.

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