By On February 14th, 2014

Research Reveals White Matter Matters: ‘Scaffolding’ the Human Brain

WhiteMatterFrom the ever evolving world of Neuroscience, new research efforts revealed that scientists have identified the white matter “scaffold” of the human brain, the critical communications network that supports brain function.  Researchers from The University of Southern California’s (USC) Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics collaborated with their cohorts of the Laboratory of Neuroimaging at USC in the study. According to John Darrell Van Horn of the USC research team, the term white matter “scaffold” was coined because this network defines the information architecture which supports brain function.  According to the press report, the current study shows that the most vulnerable white matter pathways  are not necessarily just the connections among the most vulnerable areas of gray matter.  Learning more about the  mapping of the white matter core scaffolding research can help further explain why some people who experience severe brain injuries are able to recover as well as how what on the surface appears to be a mild brain injury may be more overwhelming. Welcome to the new “Gray and White” world of brain injury.

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