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Will football have a similar demise to boxing?

BoxingGlovesBen Orlando’s podcast, “History Repeating Itself,” compares football to the sport of boxing in Episode 1, Part 2: The Decline of Football and Boxing.  At one time, boxing rivaled baseball as America’s number one sport.  As the brutality of the sport became a concern, people called for an end to it in high schools and colleges.  As the feeder system in the schools dried up, the pool of young men who would be available to participate in professional boxing declined.  Eventually, boxing was relegated to a fringe sport. Many suspect that this may also happen to the sport of football.  A growing number of parents state they would not allow their kids to play football, and this will cause the potential pool of talent for the National Football League (NFL) to dwindle.  The NFL  seems to be aware of this possibility as they support youth programs and talk extensively about the benefits of football for kids.  Of course, there are many ways for a child to learn about hard work and being part of a team that will avoid the risk of brain injury undeniably associated with football.

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