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Introduction to Jaisa Sulit

Dr. Rolf Gainer, PhD, Diplomate, ABDA

Rolf B. Gainer, PhD

I recently had the opportunity to meet Jaisa Sulit at the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario (NRIO) in Etobicoke, Ontario. Jaisa is an Occupational Therapist who came to NRIO to talk to the staff about Mindfulness and its application to individuals with brain injury. As I am interested in the practice of Mindfulness and have participated in a recent research study which applied Mindfulness to individuals living with brain injury disabilities, I was particularly drawn to hearing ¬†what Jaisa thought about the application to NRIO clients. What I didn’t originally know was that Jaisa came to the practice of Mindfulness through her own spinal cord injury and rehabilitation. Her candor about her road back from her injury is amazing and her spirit is unstoppable. Her enthusiasm for Mindfulness and for life is amazing. I am very pleased that Jaisa agreed to contribute to NeuroNotes.

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