By On December 11th, 2014

Progesterone Fails in Phase III Trial

BrainDamageProgesterone has joined the long list of failed agents which have been tested to determine if they could mitigate the effects of brain injury. Dr. Donald Stein and his team at Emory University have worked for many years on the study in Phase I and Phase II trials, only to experience failure in the Phase III testing.  Originally it was thought that Progesterone had “neuroprotective” qualities and could reduce some of the neurological injuries and, in effect, reduce the grade of severity of a brain injury.

This studies are frustrating for the research scientists, rehabilitation professionals and the people who will experience a brain injury in their lifetime. Brain injury remains the leading cause of disability and death for people. The search for new treatment methods must continue in spite of failures.

Click here to read the New England Journal of Medicine article on the Phase III trials of Progesterone.

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