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George Visger: Working to make football safer

GeorgeVisgerYou would think that George Visger would be vehemently anti-football considering his multiple brain surgeries as a result of football-related concussions. But, instead Visger still loves football and just wants to make the sport safer to prevent other players from having to experience the life effects that he has from multiple concussions and subsequent surgeries. George Visger is a contributor to NeuroNotes where his blogs provide a voice about football related TBI which needs to be heard. His recent question to Roger Goodell, which we were pleased to publish, has gone unanswered by Goodell but has been “liked” and “shared” by many readers. He is well-known as a speaker at national brain injury conferences and finds time and energy to help people in need. Visger has participated in many television shows and news interviews about football and brain injury. He is “the guy in the know”.

In a recent story published in Slate regarding youth football, George Visger speaks candidly about his love for the sport as a young kid playing Pop Warner ball and throwing his life fully into the sport without consideration of the future costs. The true price being paid after his career with the San Francisco 49’ers ended with his last concussion, many brain surgeries and his ongoing struggles to maintain his health. I see him as a person with a real purpose and direction in his life. He has something to say and he says it. His message about brain injury and football is clear. Click here is read the story in Slate.

We look forward to seeing George Visger at the Santa Clara Valley Brain Injury Conference in a few weeks where he is a speaker.

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