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Daniel Bax Trains to Cycle C2C Across Canada

Daniel Bax and his bike

Daniel Bax

Written by Daniel Bax

I am dedicated every single day to achieving my goal to cycle across Canada to show the world that survival from brain injury is possible.

In 2005, doctors told me I would never walk again, talk again, eat solid foods or move my left side.  I completely surprised everyone in rehab when I began to walk again.  While receiving treatment at the Neurologic Institute of Rehabilitation of Ontario, I went home to visit a friend who showed me that, before my injury in a motorcycle accident, I did a lot of cycling.  At first, I could not remember how to even ride a bike.  Once I got going, though, I just knew that a bicycle was going to be a big part of my life’s calling.

Cycling allowed me to be more functional with my left side.  It also improved my walking and overall coordination.  Cycling is a growing passion that will serve my body well, and I think it will become an ever more powerful force in my life as I get older.

Twice a week I go to a PowerWatts training facility and train on their high powered machines.  PowerWatts is a technical and power based indoor training system designed to improve both fitness and cycling performance.  I have great cycle coach Ryan Hanna who is a cycling enthusiast, and has become one of my good friends.

Now, more than ever, I am excited to take my passion for cycling coast to coast, “C2C,” across Canada to send a message out to the world about brain injury survival and awakening the forgotten “brain injured”.  It is possible to heal beyond expectations.  I have chosen to step into “My Endless Potential.”

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  1. Ken Appleby says:

    Way to go Dan!

    The brotherhood is behind you.

  2. Hi Dan,
    That is fantastic my friend. You and I are both walking, talking miracles. That is great that you are able to use your passion to empower people with brain injuries. For many years I felt all dressed up with no where to go, despite my hard work and determination. Thank God that He gave me the grace to be able to not give up, but to keep searching. I created Second Chance to Live on February 6, 2007, which has become the way in which I use what I have in ways that work for me. One day, one step at a time — the footwork — and trusting a loving God with the big outcomes More will be revealed in time my friend. That has and continues to be my experience.

    If you get a chance stop by and visit Second Chance to Live. I have written 1340 articles and created 255 video presentations that I have uploaded to You Tube. I recently created 2 e Books. The 1st e Book, Living with a brain injury — Putting the Pieces in Place a 60 + collection of video presentations from Second Chance to Live. My 2nd e Book is Being Your Own Hero through Overcoming Adversity — Tools for Rebuilding Your Life, a 120 + selection of the articles that I have written and published on Second Chance to Live. Here is a link to both e Books:


    If I can be of service to you, please let me know Dan.

    Godspeed to you on your trek across Canada my friend.


    Craig J.Phillips MRC, BA
    Second Chance to Live

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