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Brain Injury Survivor or Thriver: Ask Craig Phillips

Craig Phillips Kick

Craig Phillips

People like Craig Phillips are a unique breed. I’ve known Craig for many years in the context of the brain injury community where he has been an active participant for many years. Craig has evolved as a teacher and a guide to people who are embarking on the journey of living their lives with a brain injury. As a teacher, Craig provides life lessons by sharing his own growth and self-awareness. He encourages and supports the steps leading to action and enhanced self-knowledge. And, as an accomplished life coach and guide, Craig suggests that each person treat the steps they take in their life as part of a work in progress. Perhaps, most important is Craig’s message to live to find hope.

Recently Craig and I shared some communication via email. He told me that he has made two of his e-books available to the public: Being Your Own Hero Through Overcoming Adversity: Tools for Rebuilding Your Life and Living with a Brain Injury: Putting the Pieces in Place (60 Video Presentations from his Second Chance to Live Channel). Craig wanted to make readers of NeuroNotes aware of the increased availability of his two e-books. He has a strong desire to make information available to people living with a brain injury. I was pleased that Craig asked me to tell our readers about his books. With his customary thoughtfulness for others, Living with a Brain Injury: Putting the Pieces in Place was designed to put his articles into a video format for people who find that more accessible than reading. In Being Your Own Hero Through Overcoming Adversity Craig created short, focused life lessons addressing challenges and opportunities for growth which are of tremendous value to all people. Craig is adept at using his own journey as the teaching example and provides effective tools for increasing awareness and growth in each vignette.

Craig Phillips, like Daniel Bax , George Visger and others who have contributed to NeuroNotes , is a member of the group of people known as Brain Injury Thrivers. They have addressed and continue to address challenges in their lives and take the time in their journey to help others find opportunities. I am pleased to know them and to share their work with you through NeuroNotes.

Craig encourages people to visit his website, A Second Chance to Live and to use his e-books.


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  1. Hello Rolf,
    Thank you so very much for your grace and kindness towards me Rolf. You are a gem, placed in a position to empower the lives of individuals who have sustained brain injuries and their family caregivers. You are shining in that mission and vision Sir.Thank you for sharing your interview with Dr.Atherley with me.

    I have, placed a link to your interview on Second Chance to Live to make that available to individuals who visit Second Chance to Live. The link is in the left side bar in my Blogroll,Interview with Rolf Gainer — Offering Hope to Family Caregivers https://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/78958/what-family-caregivers-face-in-the-years-beyond-severe-brain-injury.

    The interview is informative and empowering. Rolf offers hope to people living with brain injuries and their family caregivers, through providing practical solutions and strategies across life’s spectrum and continuum. We can build a great life that is worth living, one day at a time.

    Thank you so very much for what you have shared above with the readers of NeuoNotes. I am honored and encouraged by what you wrote and shared concerning the mission and vision of Second Chance to Live.I look forward to being of service.

    Thank you also for reviewing and your endorsement of my 2 eBooks. My hope is that my articles and video presentations will encourage, motivate, empower and offer hope to individuals living with adversity and their families. Don’t Give UP! More will be revealed in time.

    Thank you for placing me in the league with Daniel Bax,George Visger and others.I am honored. I am thankful to have been able to find a way to use what I have to give in ways that work for me. The journey is worth the effort. One step, one day at a time. More will be revealed in time.

    “Regardless of your lot in life, you can build something beautiful on it.” Zig Ziglar

    Thank you again for your time, kindness and willingness to be my friend Rolf.

    Have a great day Sir.


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