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George Visger: “Out of my Head: My Life In and Out of Football”


George Visger

NeuroNotes has reported on the problem of sports concussions over the recent years and has focused on the problems experienced by athletes who have had multiple concussions. Recently we wrote about Chris Borland’s sudden retirement and his concern for life devastating injury from the sport. Borland walked away from an extremely lucrative contract to save the future of his brain health.

We have featured blogs by George Visger, a former San Francisco 49’r, who left the sport due to chronic hydrocephalus and multiple brain surgeries. In the years since he retired from football George has been a tireless advocate for injured players and has taken on the NFL. The League of Denial featured George and gave voice to the exposure of the dangers of the sport and the cover-up of the problem. Soon to be released, Todd Trigsted’s Gridiron Gladiators takes on the history and uncertain future of football in America. Many former players like George Visger, brain injury researchers and advocates for change will be featured in the documentary. Click here for a discussion of violence in football between Chris Borland and Todd Trigsted.

NeuroNotes is also pleased to announce that George Visger has published his book: Out of my Head: My Life In and Out of Football through Amazon. Through George’s story every parent of a football playing age child is cautioned about the real dangers of the sport and living with the aftermath of multiple concussions. His personal story hits straight and hard. Check out the book on Amazon.

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