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Craig Phillips Explains How Anger Can Heal

Craig Phillips Portrait

Craig Phillps

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.” Buddha

Our friend, Craig Phillips, a thriving survivor of a childhood brain injury, has explored the issue of anger in a recent post on his site.  We wanted to share this post with our NeuroNotes readers.  So often, when we go through difficult times in life, in the midst of the crisis, we try to figure out why this terrible thing happened to us.  Many times, there is nothing to figure out…sometimes terrible things just happen.  Without realizing that we had previously been going through life believing that if we were a good people, then good things would happen to us.  Anger and cynicism can often follow after we fully realize firsthand that horrible stuff happens to really good people all the time.

Craig challenges us to use our anger to find out what our triggers are, and challenges us to avoid blaming others for our anger.  Owning up to our feelings of anger can be a huge help in moving our healing process forward.

Check out Craig’s recent article here.

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