By On December 23rd, 2015

The Joy of the Giving

White candle burning in the dark

The greatest joy of Christmas is giving, which is why I love my job.  As a brain injury case manager, I see so many tragedies, but I also see the miracles of people putting their lives back together after such a catastrophic event.  Families come together to support each other during times of crisis and that is especially true after severe brain injury.  Each person in the family is affected differently, but they share a common bond of loving the survivor.  I have the privilege of bringing hope through rehabilitation options into their lives.  It is challenging work and it often feels like an up-hill battle, but in the end, if I can assist one family in getting the help they need, it is worth all the effort.  This Christmas I am reminded of how joyful giving really is, and my hope for the new year is that I can offer hope to more families.

Merry Christmas!

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