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A Question for Our Readers

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We’ve faced a dilemma recently here on NeuroNotes—to post or not to post comments. One of our blogs in particular has generated much interest, “Depression & Suicide Among Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries.” We have received comments from individuals around the world who have shared their very personal struggles with depression as well as suicidal thoughts and actions.

Initially, being somewhat new to the web-based world, I didn’t feel entirely at ease with posting some of these comments due to the dark and private thoughts expressed within them. Of course, we respond directly to the person providing resources and encourage them to seek help. As the rate of responses increased, I began to realize that a community of support was developing around our blog, written by Rolf B. Gainer, PhD in 2011. People began responding to one another’s experiences in addition to the content of our blog.

However, we still receive the occasional comment that leaves us stunned and stymied as to whether or not to share it. One such communication came to us in the early morning hours last weekend. We found it poetic, and, yet deeply disturbing at the same time, in its brevity and eloquence. We have responded to this individual, who did not provide a name or any other contact information, via his or her email address. I am sharing the comment below along with the question to our readers—what are your thoughts on this issue from the perspective of a survivor of brain injury, a loved one or a clinician? We welcome your feedback.

TBI since I was a baby and a parent got sick of my crying.

Won’t elaborate on what happened there.

Nobody knows what it’s like to be me.

I am ready to stop knowing myself.

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