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By On June 12th, 2018

5 Concussion Symptoms You May Not Know

These days, most people are aware of the most common signs of concussion – dizziness, nausea, confusion, and the classic (but surprisingly rare) loss of consciousness. However, concussions are complex injuries that can present themselves uniquely in each instance. While many will experience symptoms like dizziness and nausea, others may experience subtler or less commonplace…


By On June 1st, 2018

Cognitive training is linked to reduced depression and better brain health after TBI

Cognitive training is able to not only reduce depression levels after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but can even improve overall brain health according to new findings published in the journal Human Brain Mapping. The new findings found that after undergoing cognitive training, patients with TBI reported significant reductions in the severity of depressive symptoms,…


By On May 30th, 2018

Former Ravens running back shares what it’s really like living with permanent brain trauma

For many former professional football players, the question surrounding their future isn’t if chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) will affect their lives. The question is when it will start destroying their memory, make them quicker to lose their temper, and when the suicidal thoughts will begin. At just 38 years old, former Ravens running back Jamal…


By On May 25th, 2018

Expert says concussions are not needed to develop CTE

It is commonly believed that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is the result of concussions, thanks to football’s current issues handling concussions on the field and the high rate of CTE being found in former players. However, concussions and CTE might not be as closely related as believed. In fact, a prominent brain researcher suggests concussions…


By On May 22nd, 2018

Former high school basketball player wins $5.8 million settlement after life changing TBIs

  A former high school basketball player was awarded a $5.87 million settlement in a recent court case that could have significant implications for how schools across the country handle concussions. Five years ago, Brett Baker-Goins was a basketball player at First Baptist School of Charleston. During one game, he experienced a concussion. After developing…

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