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By On December 4th, 2013

Five Former Kansas City Chiefs Players File Concussion Lawsuit

The NFL isn’t getting the respite from their concussion problems they hoped for after their landmark $765 million settlement with former players over how the league handled brain injuries. Multiple high profile documentary and journalistic efforts have brought the issue to public attention and the outcry has grown over the high rates of brain injuries…


By On January 16th, 2013

Junior Seau’s Brain Found To Have CTE After Suicide

Last year, former NFL veteran linebacker Junior Seau committed suicide. Just recently, his brain was examined and found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition brought on by repeated damage to the brain. Seau is far from the first football player to be diagnosed with CTE after committing suicide. Unfortunately, it was pretty much a foregone…


By On October 19th, 2012

Stanford Rountable Suggests Advances in Neuroscience

We still know remarkably little about how the brain works. It is one of the most complex systems in the world, endlessly flexible and amazingly self-healing, but after decades of study, much of the brain is still a mystery. Saturday, October 6, the speakers at the “Gray Matters” 2012 Roundtable at Stanford gave a sense…

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