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By On November 11th, 2014

Is Goodell in Double Jeopardy?

Was Ray Rice punished twice for the inexcusable abuse of his then fiancée and current wife, Janay?  One side says “yes” and the other “no”.  Last week, National Football League (NFL) Commissioner, Roger Goodell, testified in court in front of a federal judge who will decide if Rice’s suspension will be overturned or upheld.   After…


By On March 6th, 2014

Extreme Fighter Dies from Brain Injury following bout

Booto Guylain died on February 27, 2014 following a ProMMA Extreme Fighting Championship bout held in Johannesberg, South Africa. Guylain received an elbow to the head early during the bout which ended the flight and ultimately was the cause of his death from traumatic brain injury later at a nearby hospital. Guylain’s death further focuses…


By On March 5th, 2014

The Decline of Football: Rolf B. Gainer is interviewed

  Our Chief Executive Officer, Rolf B. Gainer, PhD was interviewed by Ben Orlando for his podcast, “History Repeating Itself.”  In talking about brain injury as a result of football, Dr. Gainer referenced a study conducted by Dr. Dorothy Otnow Lewis involving inmates on death row.  It is beginning to be recognized that brain injury…


By On February 17th, 2014

Will football have a similar demise to boxing?

Ben Orlando’s podcast, “History Repeating Itself,” compares football to the sport of boxing in Episode 1, Part 2: The Decline of Football and Boxing.  At one time, boxing rivaled baseball as America’s number one sport.  As the brutality of the sport became a concern, people called for an end to it in high schools and…


By On February 1st, 2014

Will Football go the way of Gladiators?

The Super Bowl is tomorrow, and people who are excited about the big game probably don’t want to think about the uncertain future of the sport.  Ben Orlando, the creator of an interesting podcast called “History Repeating Itself,” is exploring the possibility that football will suffer a similar demise to the gladiator sport of ancient…

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