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By On July 19th, 2013

Color Changing Patches Can Be Used To Diagnose TBI From Explosions

Researchers have been hard at work on using the newest technology and data to help diagnose brain injuries, but a new tool aimed at identifying potential brain injuries from bomb explosions uses crystals, not computers. A new report published in the online edition of NeuroImage says investigators at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine…


By On June 11th, 2012

Military Suicides Keeping Mounting

As of June 8, 2012, there have been 154 military suicides in 155 days. That’s 18% above the already astronomic rate of 2011 or 154 as compared to 130. What’s causing the increased rate of suicide? And, what can be done? The war has dragged on beyond what was thought of as a short-term affair.…

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