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By On June 13th, 2013

Boston Researchers Seek Drug Trial Without Consent

A group of Boston doctors is proposing to join a study that would offer emergency care and treatment to brain injury patients without first obtaining the patient’s consent. They argue that often brain injury patients arrive at hospitals unconscious or without family members who can speak on their behalf, so these doctors need to opportunity…


By On January 21st, 2013

Innovative Helmets Hope To Reduce TBI In Sports

Despite a season ending head injury in the seventh grade, Vin Ferrara didn’t understand just how problematic traumatic brain injury is for professional sports until years after his football career’s peak as a quarterback for Harvard University in the 1990’s. While finishing medical school Ferrara was watching sports clips and came across another, more high…


By On December 14th, 2012

Lauren Smith Offers Advice For Parents of Young Football Players

Dr. Lauren Smith is the interim health commissioner of the state Department of Public Health in Massachusetts, and was instrumental in state legislation to force high school coaches to be more educated about concussions, as well as requiring approval from a physician before an athlete with a possible brain injury can return to play. After…

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