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By On July 9th, 2018

Weight gain after TBI could have long-term health consequences

Weight changes are common after a traumatic brain injury (TBI), but new research indicates becoming overweight or obese after a moderate to severe TBI also raises the risk of chronic diseases later in life. The study, published in the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation (JHTR) indicate that new strategies may be needed to manage weight…


By On September 29th, 2016

Nearly Symptom-less Dale Earnhardt Jr. Returns To The Racetrack

After months of rehabilitation from a brain injury, Dale Earnhardt Jr. will finally be appearing at major racing events this weekend – though he won’t be racing. The famous driver has not raced since early July, due to complicated and long-lasting post-concussion symptoms, and has already decided to sit out the rest of the season…


By On August 30th, 2016

Staying In The Game After a Concussion Doubles Recovery Time

Taking a concussed athlete out of the game doesn’t just protect them from a more dangerous secondary brain injury. A new study says it can also reduce an athlete’s recovery time. The findings published in the journal Pediatrics show that high school athletes who immediately stop playing after a brain injury recover almost twice as…


By On July 8th, 2016

Signs of Concussion Linger In The Brain For Months

Most concussions seem to last just a few days or weeks before symptoms are absent. However, recent research has suggested symptoms may disappear before the brain is fully healed. While symptoms may be gone, the brain may still be vulnerable and healing. The latest research to support this idea is being presented at the Sports…


By On August 11th, 2015

Commonly Prescribed Drugs May Slow Brain Injury Recovery

A common class of drug used to treat conditions ranging from bladder problems to depression and insomnia may hinder recovery from brain injury according to a new report published in the journal Brain Injury. The study from the University of East Anglia in the UK shows older individuals on anticholinergics may experience slower brain injury…


By On April 20th, 2015

Psychiatric Symptoms After Concussion Predict Prolonged Recovery

The time it takes for an individual to recover from a concussion can vary greatly, but according to experts like a psychiatrist, a new study indicates psychiatric symptoms are a strong indicator for recovery length. A study presented at the 2015 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting showed patients who exhibited psychiatric symptoms more than…

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