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By On December 3rd, 2012

A Mother’s Story of Her Son’s Journey Back From TBI

There are plenty of stories out there of victims of traumatic brain injuries and their struggles to cope with their new found limits. Sadly, most aren’t quite success stories, but rather tales of learning to cope. While tons of people out there encounter TBI every year, those who end up in comas or with long-term debilitation do…


By On November 6th, 2012

When a Day Goes From Normal To Tragic

Even the most life-changing days in a person’s life begin the same – completely ordinary. Just ask Carolyn Roy-Bornstein, the mother of Neil Bornstein, who was run down by a drunk driver in 2003. Ever since that completely normal morning, life has never been the same for her, or anyone in her family. Carolyn is…

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