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By On March 18th, 2014

First Soccer and Rugby Players Diagnosed With CTE

Repeated brain injuries is a big topic of concern for organized sports right now. While the NFL gets the spotlight for denying the seriousness of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, reports are coming out detailing the dangers of bouncing a ball of your head repeatedly, or playing an intense close-contact sport. Earlier this month chronic traumatic encephalopathy,…


By On February 7th, 2014

Joe Namath Reveals His Brain Injury

Last Friday, two days before being honored to perform the coin toss for the 2014 Super Bowl, Joe Namath appeared on CNN’s Piers Morgan show.  Mr. Namath is most notably remembered for boldly predicting that his underdog New York Jet’s football team would beat the highly heralded Baltimore Colts.  As their quarterback, he delivered on that…


By On September 13th, 2013

Legally Lethal: A Case Study

Last month, I attended a lecture given by Dr. Bo Burns, an ER doctor at Hillcrest Medical Center here in Tulsa.  The topic was street drugs ranging from bath salts to synthetic marijuana.  What I took away from the lecture is that we must let the patient or client educate us, the mental health or…

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