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By On January 3rd, 2019

FDA Approves New No-Baseline Concussion Test

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a new non-invasive concussion test that promises to diagnose brain injuries without prior baseline testing by using a four-minute eye tracking test. With this approval, the test known as EyeBOX has become the first no-baseline concussion approved for marketing. One of the biggest hurdles in diagnosing brain…


By On August 2nd, 2018

Tricking Baseline Concussion Testing May Easier Then Thought

One of the biggest tools schools and sports organizations have been using to identify concussions may not be as fool-proof as previously believed according to a new study from researchers at Butler University. Over the past years, teams and organizations have been adopting the Immediate-Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test, better known as the ImPACT…


By On June 26th, 2017

Stanford football team uses VR to catch concussions as they happen

Concussions remain one of the most pressing issues for the world of football, with no easy answers in sight. To help protect their players, many leagues and teams of all levels have been turning to advanced technology like high-tech helmets, collision monitoring systems, and computerized concussion assessment tools designed to identify concussions when they happen.…


By On February 24th, 2016

Sideline Tests For Concussion May Be Less Accurate For Non-Native English Speakers

New research presented this week at the Association of Academic Physiatrists Annual Meeting in Sacramento, California, suggests current sideline concussion assessments may not properly take primary language into consideration, which may be leading to disparities in concussion diagnosis rates. Many athletic teams from pee-wee football to the pros are turning to sideline tests to provide…

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