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By On November 9th, 2015

New Blood Test Could Improve Concussion Diagnosis Accuracy

Currently, diagnosing children with a concussion is usually based entirely on subjective symptoms such as vomiting, balance, issues, headaches, or vision issues. However, this diagnosis method leaves much to be desired. It can be highly inaccurate and frequently give no indication of the true severity of the injury. However, researchers say they have found a…


By On March 4th, 2015

Imaging Test Finds New Potential Biomarker For Concussion Outcome

A new imaging study claims to have found another potential new biomarker for predicting outcomes of individuals after brain injuries. According to the findings published in JAMA Neurology, cerebral blood flow recovery in the brain may be a useful sign indicating the likelihood for positive outcomes. Animal studies have shown reduced cerebral blood flow (CBF)…

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