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By On March 24th, 2016

The New York Times Finds Massive Flaws In NFL’s Concussion Studies

Since 1994, the NFL’s concussion committee has released research downplaying the effects and dangers of concussions in professional football. The group has received strong criticism for its work, but the league has consistently stood by this research and regularly cited it when discussing head trauma in the NFL. However, The New York Times has uncovered…


By On March 18th, 2015

Experts Speak On Chris Borland’s Concussion-Related Retirement

Chris Borland caught the sports world by surprise yesterday by announcing his retirement from the NFL after just one promising season playing for the San Francisco 49’s, but brain injury experts are coming out in support of the athlete’s brave decision. “It’s surprising because you don’t see it happen,” said Dr. Kevin Winter, one such…

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