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By On August 15th, 2017

Penn State researchers find two potential concussion treatments

Despite all the recent studies on concussions and new gadgets designed to help identify brain injuries when they happen, one thing hasn’t changed regarding concussions – the treatment. People who experience mild traumatic brain injuries are still told to rest and gradually return to activity as their symptoms subside. Other than that, there is currently…


By On February 10th, 2017

College Students May Take Longer To Recover From Concussions

  College can be a tough time for many. Between the pressures of being independent for the first time and the challenges of higher education, the period can put a lot of stress on the brain. Maybe that is why new research suggests that college students typically take significantly longer to recover from concussions compared…


By On December 30th, 2016

Physical Activity May Help Children Recover From a Concussion

The most common recommendation you will hear after a concussion is “get some rest,” but a growing body of evidence suggests rest may not be best after all. A new study from the Pediatric Emergency Research Canada Concussion Team suggests that concussed children who completely remove themselves from activity actually experience worse symptoms that last…

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