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By On August 2nd, 2018

Tricking Baseline Concussion Testing May Easier Then Thought

One of the biggest tools schools and sports organizations have been using to identify concussions may not be as fool-proof as previously believed according to a new study from researchers at Butler University. Over the past years, teams and organizations have been adopting the Immediate-Post Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Test, better known as the ImPACT…


By On October 6th, 2016

High-Tech Goggles Could Diagnose Concussions Without Baseline Testing

Over the past few years, several unique tests have emerged that can help diagnose concussions accurately and reliably. Each test has its strengths and weaknesses, but these tests have made it easier for medical professionals to quickly assess injured athletes, service members, and other injured individuals in any environment. A team of researchers believes they…


By On August 11th, 2016

Pre-Season Tests Help Schools Treat Concussions In Sports

The new school year has already arrived for many kids across the country and that means fall sports are getting ready to kick off. With the upcoming season almost here, athletes are undergoing new testing to help protect their brains. But, what exactly are these tests and how do they protect young athletes from long-term…


By On July 17th, 2013

Lack of Sleep May Mess With Concussion Assessments

The amount of sleep you have the night before may impact how well a concussion test works, according to the results of a large study, reported by Med Page Today. The report from D. Jake McClure, a medical student from Vanderbilt University in Nashville states that fewer than seven hours of sleep the night before…

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