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By On June 18th, 2018

The World Cup’s handling of concussions dips to a new low

It seems like every four years the World Cup manages to find new ways to show how not to handle concussions. In the past, this typically included completely ignoring the head injuries, or quickly “treating” players on the sideline before sending them back onto the field. This year, however, Morocco has managed to up the…


By On August 15th, 2017

Penn State researchers find two potential concussion treatments

Despite all the recent studies on concussions and new gadgets designed to help identify brain injuries when they happen, one thing hasn’t changed regarding concussions – the treatment. People who experience mild traumatic brain injuries are still told to rest and gradually return to activity as their symptoms subside. Other than that, there is currently…


By On May 2nd, 2016

Is Prolonged Rest Slowing Concussion Recovery?

Rest has been considered the primary way to treat concussions for quite some time, but new research shows it may not be the best course of recovery. In fact, children who exercise within a week of experiencing a brain injury may recover faster than those who simply rest. In particular, the existing guidelines for treating…


By On January 13th, 2015

Study Shows More Children Seeking Concussion Treatment

As the long-term risks associated with repeated concussions have become more widely known, numerous laws have been enacted across the country to protect student athletes. According to a new study published in JAMA Pediatrics, the laws appear to be working as researchers found a large increase in treatment for traumatic brain injury and TBI-related injuries.…


By On January 6th, 2015

More Rest May Not Be The Best Approach After Concussion

New research could lead to a large shift in how teens with mild traumatic brain injuries are treated, as a study has found extended rest provides little benefit in recovery. In fact, it may even make matters worse. Researchers from The Medical College of Wisconsin conducted a randomized trial to compare approaches using extended rest…

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