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By On February 19th, 2019

Rebel Wilson reveals she suffered a concussion, but not how you would think

In the new film, “Isn’t It Romantic”, Rebel Wilson’s character Natalie experiences something strangely common in movies. She suffers a terrible brain injury that miraculously helps improve her life – albeit with some creative twists that help turn this trope on its head. On set, however, Wilson learned first-hand just how non-romantic concussions can be.…


By On October 29th, 2018

Study claims dyslexia may protect against concussions

Researchers have been exploring every possible lead when it comes to understanding why some people appear to be more susceptible to concussions compared to others. Now, they may have finally uncovered a clue that could have significant implications for how we view brain injuries entirely. As study co-author Dr. Hans Breiter explains in the Journal…


By On October 4th, 2018

Did Ivy League football find the key to reducing concussions?

Experts and sports organizations have been looking everywhere for a way to significantly decrease the number of concussions in football, to little success. However, a small change to how Ivy League football teams play the game may just be the secret to making the game drastically safer for athletes. A study, published this week in…

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