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By On December 19th, 2013

VA Sort of Steps Forward – 1st TBI Presumptive Illness List

On December 16th, 2013, the Veterans Administration (VA) took a major step forward in addressing the issues veterans face in their lives after experiencing combat related brain injuries. It was announced through the office of Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. Veterans already receiving benefits for traumatic brain injury (TBI), identified with secondary illnesses…


By On January 18th, 2013

Football Players Are At A Higher Risk For Depression

Between the high profile suicides, lawsuits, and studies on brain injury, it isn’t very surprising that multiple studies have found that NFL players are at a possibly increased risk for depression due to traumatic brain injuries sustained throughout their life. Two such studies reporting their early results come from the University of Texas at Dallas,…


By On April 26th, 2012

Vietnam Vets Shed Light on Suicidal Thoughts

A study conducted by researchers at the San Francisco VA Medical Center and the University      of California, San Francisco has noted that veterans with more experiences involving killing were twice as likely to have reported suicidal thoughts as veterans with fewer or no experience involving killing. In the study, the authors created for variables or…


By On March 2nd, 2012

Family Physicians at the Frontline for Veterans Returning with Brain Injuries and PTSD

  As soldiers return from Iraq and Afghanistan, most will resume their lives in the civilian world, returning to family, friends, jobs and community. Approximately one of three veterans will experience continuing symptoms of combat stress, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Others will have symptoms of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) as a result of concussive…

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