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By On August 29th, 2017

Not every TBI is obvious – a high-school football player is in a coma after a “routine play”

When people think about traumatic brain injuries in football, they typically imagine highlight reel worthy collisions or spectacular tackles. Few realize even the most routine hits could trigger a life-threatening injury. A California high school football player provided the world with an unfortunate reminder of this reality recently, after he had to be placed in…


By On May 29th, 2017

Don Horton couldn’t stop coaching, even after getting CTE

In the discussion about concussions in football, players are often portrayed as the innocents being sent into danger by the more malicious coaching staff and league officials running a business. Reality is rarely so black and white. As we’ve seen recently, players can be just as responsible for hiding injuries to stay in the game…


By On September 6th, 2016

Football’s “Concussion Crisis” Isn’t Just About Concussions

The NFL’s issues around brain injuries and how the league can keep players safe from a seemingly invisible but serious injury is often referred to as football’s “concussion crisis.” However, the NFL’s problems extend much further than how it handles the frequent mild concussions occurring on the field each Sunday. While concussions are serious injuries…


By On May 19th, 2015

NFL Players Show Brain Changes Later In Life Related To Past Concussions

A new study, published in JAMA Neurology, contributes to evidence supporting an association between brain injuries and long-term memory impairments by showing former National Football League (NFL) players who lost consciousness related to a concussion show unique differences in brain structure later in life. In a study the researchers, comprised of neurologists and neuropsychologists at…

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