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By On October 2nd, 2014

Over 95 Percent of Examined NFL Players Showed Signs of CTE

It has become terrifyingly routine for deceased former NFL players to be diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The NFL continues to downplay the issues of brain injuries in the league as they continue their protracted legal battle with former players, but new data from the nation’s largest brain bank dedicated to traumatic brain injury…


By On October 9th, 2013

League of Denial Shows How The NFL Covered Up Brain Injuries

Almost everyone in the United States is aware of the NFL’s “concussion problem.” It has been hard to avoid the news surrounding the massive lawsuit brought by over 4,000 former NFL players and the subsequent settlement, or the tragic suicides of former heroes. Still, the details contained within the latest PBS Frontline special League of…


By On August 26th, 2013

ESPN Pulls Out of Documentary Covering Brain Injury in the NFL

ESPN announced last Friday that it has asked to have its logos and credit removed from an episode of the PBS series “Frontline” set to air in October. The episode examines brain injuries within professional football and the way the National Football League has responded to the issue. “League of Denial” was created over the…


By On May 23rd, 2013

New Long Term Heightened Risk of Suicide Found In Soldiers

It has long been understood that service men and women with repeated traumatic brain injuries have heightened risks of suicide or suicidal impulses, but recently it has been proven these issues are much longer lasting than previously thought. The study, lead by Craig Bryan, assistant professor of psychology at the University of Utah and associate…

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