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By On February 7th, 2013

More Evidence Shows HBOT Treatment Can Stimulate Brain Healing

Most brain injury related discoveries lately have been focused on prevention and diagnosis, but there are also advancements being made in treating brain injury, as Israeli researchers have announced. This isn’t the first study supporting the idea that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can work wonders for TBI patients, but their study supports all the current evidence…


By On January 9th, 2013

TBI Not Linked To Heightened Chance Of Dementia

There is a wide-spread belief that repeated traumatic brain injury and dementia are connected, but now a study from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai suggests that belief may be wrong. The paper, entitled “Risk for Late-life Re-injury, Dementia, and Death Among Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury” found no link between TBI with…

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