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By On June 25th, 2014

NFL Agrees to Open-Ended Settlement In Concussion Lawsuit

Football fans and those of us with heightened interests in traumatic brain injuries have been anxiously waiting for the resolution in the concussion lawsuits filed against the NFL. After a settlement in which the league would pay $765 million was agreed to in August of 2013, it seemed the issue was close to a conclusion.…


By On April 10th, 2013

Hearings Begin on Motion to Dismiss NFL Brain Injury Lawsuits

“This day was long overdue,” said former Cincinnati Bengals and Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey. Bergey and many other former NFL players had been waiting for Tuesday to come for a long time. It marked the first day in court for the over 4,000 lawsuits related to TBI, as a federal judge listened to arguments…

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