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By On September 4th, 2014

NFL attempts to dodge brain injury settlement

The NFL is trying to dodge their responsibility to the players living with brain injury through creating twists and turns to the structure of the settlement and the available payouts. The rules they have created for the application process would be daunting to a person without a brain injury and may be near impossible for…


By On April 3rd, 2013

Major Shakeups In NFL Concussion Litigation

The past week has seen some pretty big shakeups in the lawsuits against the NFL by former players. Over 4,000 former athletes have filed lawsuits related to traumatic brain injury, accusing the NFL of hiding the risks from the players and glorifying the violence on the field. One of the most talked about suits against…


By On January 25th, 2013

Junior Seau’s Family Files Suit Against The NFL

Junior Seau’s suicide last year has been regularly making headlines as it has been discovered that Seau had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease linked to repeated head trauma and can cause depression, anxiety, and possibly dementia. Now he finds himself back in the headlines as his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit filed by…


By On January 17th, 2013

Smaller, “Subconcussive” Hits May Cause CTE Over Time

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy has gone from unknown condition to household discussion in the past few weeks, especially after NFL veteran Junior Seau was found to have the condition after he committed suicide last year. CTE is believed to be brought on by repeated brain injuries, such as those commonly sustained in the NFL, but Purdue…


By On January 16th, 2013

Junior Seau’s Brain Found To Have CTE After Suicide

Last year, former NFL veteran linebacker Junior Seau committed suicide. Just recently, his brain was examined and found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition brought on by repeated damage to the brain. Seau is far from the first football player to be diagnosed with CTE after committing suicide. Unfortunately, it was pretty much a foregone…


By On January 10th, 2013

Junior Seau’s CTE Confirmed

Junior Seau, the NFL player who committed suicide following problems with depression, cognition and sleeping, has been confirmed as having Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE as a result of multiple concussions from his football career. His family debated on allowing the examination of his brain but consented to the study. Seau’s confirmed CTE adds another…

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