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By On December 2nd, 2015

Mayo Clinic Finds Evidence of CTE In High School Athletes

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) has been controversial ever since it was first identified. The disease is the centerpiece of the massive “concussion” scandal within the NFL, and a new blockbuster film about the way the league has handled the issue is set to be released on Christmas day. However, there has always been one assumption…


By On September 12th, 2013

Vision Problems Remain an Under Recognized Concussion Symptom

One of the biggest challenges health care professionals face when diagnosing concussions is the lack of objective diagnostic methods available. While new tools are coming out that aim to improve the objectivity of the traditional concussion tests, they still largely rely on the same techniques we have had for years. These new tests measure cognitive…


By On March 20th, 2013

The Mayo Clinic Finds Physiological Response To Brain Injury

In the past few months it has been discovered that there are likely biomarkers in the blood signaling when a traumatic brain injury, there are new ways to identify brain injury with advanced scans, and there are countless apps coming out helping diagnose TBI, yet an unambiguous diagnostic method still eludes us. In the continuing…


By On February 26th, 2013

Mayo Clinic Offers TBI Information

The Mayo Clinic is one of the leading sources for traumatic brain injury information, as well as numerous other health concerns. They are such a respected organization that they regularly answer readers’ questions in the Chicago Tribune in a column called Medical Edge from Mayo Clinic and one recent question shows both how widespread the…


By On November 9th, 2012

Mayo Clinic Hopes To Bring TBI Care To Rural Areas

The road back from a traumatic brain injury is long, and frustrating. Recovery can involve physical and cognitive problems that linger for months or years. In some rare instances, they can even linger for life. I know this first hand. After a “minor” concussion in March of this year, I faced serious issues with memory…


By On October 11th, 2012

Should Lou Gehrig’s Medical Records Be Released?

Some lawmakers in Minnesota are trying to force the release of Lou Gehrig’s medical records. They say the records might give some insight as to whether the famous baseball player died of the disease named after him, or if repetitive head trauma played some kind of role. The holders of the records, the Mayo Clinic,…

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