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By On November 12th, 2012

Can Fish Oil Save Your Brain?

All the talk surrounding traumatic brain injuries focuses on prevention rather than treatment. Once a person is stabilized, doctors tend to take an observational approach, rather than invasive actions to try to recapture neurological function. This is because the brain is enormously complicated and we really don’t know many proactive ways to actively fight back against…


By On October 18th, 2012

Oklahoma Man Shows a Stroke Can’t Stop Him

Gary Farnum used to be brilliant. He was the head of the family, a high performing Chesapeake Energy attorney, and he was in great shape from endurance bicycling. He also had a great vocabulary. In one moment, that Gary disappeared and was replaced with someone who relied on others for even the most basic things.…


By On October 12th, 2012

Why Concussions Are So Hard To Diagnose

Eight years ago, 11-year-old Zack Pope got beaned during a little league game. He finished the game strong and everything seemed fine. It wasn’t until a month later he began to complain of feeling dizzy, and migraine headaches became a regular problem for Zack. Five months later, a neurologist finally connected the dots. Zack had…

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