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By On September 10th, 2013

Eight N.H. Patients are Being Monitored for Rare Fatal Brain Disease

New Hampshire officials released a statement last Wednesday saying they are closely monitoring eight patients who may have been exposed to a deadly brain disease. Surgical equipment used on these eight patients was found to have been contaminated by proteins that cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) from an earlier procedure. The instruments had been sterilized using…


By On December 19th, 2012

TBI Patient Asks For Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment For Christmas

While most Christmas lists across the country feature materialistic goods like iPads and televisions, one New Hampshire woman is asking for something much more meaningful. Myla Gott, a 22 year-old woman from North Hampton, NH suffered a diffuse axonal brain injury during a car crash in 2009, and she has been fighting back from TBI…

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