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By On March 10th, 2017

NFL Tight End Jordan Cameron Retires Over Concussion Concerns

Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron seemed determined to return to the NFL next year, but after four concussions he has decided it is time to call it quits. “I started thinking about concussions too much,” Cameron, 28, told ESPN. “You can’t play football like that.” The athlete has spent six seasons playing professionally in…


By On July 17th, 2013

Brain scan rules out Alzheimer’s for former NFL Player

A tracer-enhanced PET scan for beta-amyloid plaques was used to diagnosis a former NFL player with post-traumatic dementia related to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). This case illustrated the importance of differentiating Alzheimer’s from CTE. The individual, in his 70’s, was concerned with his progressive cognitive impairment and sought an evaluation to determine the nature of…

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