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By On December 13th, 2016

Long Awaited NFL Concussion Settlement Clears Supreme Court

Football’s legacy has been marred by the injuries sustained by former players and the lawsuit which has been required to provide them with much needed compensation for their injuries and disabilities arising from the sport. NeuroNotes has long covered the problems associated with multiple concussions including: CTE, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsonism and other neurological disabilities.


By On April 23rd, 2015

Court concludes NFL concussion settlement

Judge Anita B. Brody has brought the lawsuit against the NFL by players to a conclusion. Of course, there could be an appeal, but pending that action the NFL could be soon settling claims filed by retired players. The original deal offered by the NFL was $675 million with players needing to demonstrate a connection…


By On January 29th, 2015

Brains and football: A bad combination

Football is all over the news this week with the upcoming Superbowl game. This is America’s sport with the highest television viewership and a large economic engine is attached to the football at every level. Kids want to play the sport and are supported in joining youth leagues at an early age by their parents…


By On December 2nd, 2014

Can the NFL learn from its mistakes?

A more aggressive approach to the management of concussions has been implemented by NFL teams to prevent players from going back into the game once they have had a concussion. The new protocol brings a physician’s opinion early into the decision making process, and the use of spotters who see players who may be showing…


By On November 14th, 2014

George Visger: Courageous Advocate and Wild Guy

Here at NeuroNotes, we’ve known George for years.  He has contributed to our blog, and we keep up with his tireless advocacy work on behalf of individuals with brain injury.  We are always excited to have our paths cross at conferences.  George’s willingness to meet and talk with survivors of brain injury continually shows his…


By On November 5th, 2014

Roger Goodell Action Figure, batteries sold separately

I attended the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Gala event last Saturday night. Roger Goodell got on our elevator, accompanied by security, and pleasantly asked my daughter, myself and my son who were attired in evening clothes if we were attending the Gala, too. Our brief encounter in the elevator was pleasant enough, even with…


By On September 4th, 2014

NFL attempts to dodge brain injury settlement

The NFL is trying to dodge their responsibility to the players living with brain injury through creating twists and turns to the structure of the settlement and the available payouts. The rules they have created for the application process would be daunting to a person without a brain injury and may be near impossible for…


By On January 15th, 2014

Federal Judge Refuses To Approve NFL Brain Injury Settlement

Everyone pretty much assumed the NFL’s widely-reported $765 million settlement with former players over brain injury was a done-deal. The reports made it appear that the players were happy with the compensation, and the league was certainly happy to not have to take any responsibility for the high levels of long-term brain damage being found…


By On January 14th, 2014

NFL settlement stalled by judge

The settlement between the National Football League and former players has been stalled by the actions of the judge pending further evaluation of the settlement. Originally the players asked for $2billion and agreed to a $765 million settlement pending approval by the judge. The settlement to players was based on severity of the problems they…

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