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By On March 3rd, 2017

Welcome back Michael Mason

We are thrilled to welcome back Michael Mason to the NRI and Brookhaven Hospital team! Michael made many contributions during his previous eight year tenure here, including the launch of our blog, NeuroNotes. He is the author of Head Cases: Stories of Brain Injury and its Aftermath, published in 2008, which Oliver Sacks described at…


By On April 22nd, 2015

Oliver Sacks and Spalding Gray’s Frontal Lobe Injury

Oliver Sacks, is a wonderful writer who uses his finely honed clinical skills as a Neurologist to add the texture to his stories about people. In his column, A Neurologist’s Notebook, which appeared in the New Yorker magazine he writes about the actor and writer Spalding Gray who experienced a frontal lobe injury in a…


By On November 12th, 2012

Neurologist Exploring the Nature of Hallucinations

You don’t normally hear from neurologists about drug induced hallucinations. I’m pretty sure most people don’t want a doctor who openly admits to drug use. However, Oliver Sacks has openly talked about his experimentation with drugs in the 1960’s, and he is famous for his neurological work. In his book The Mind’s Eye, he addressed…

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