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By On February 12th, 2013

Researchers Find Potential Treatment For Brain Damage From Seizures

A new form of prophylactic treatment for brain damage from prolonged epileptic seizures has been developed in animal testing by Emory University School of Medicine, Science Daily reports. A prolonged seizure is referred to a status epilepticus medically, and it signifies a seizure lasting long enough to be potentially life-threatening. Some say status epilepticus seizures…


By On February 6th, 2013

Vision Problem Rates Among TBI Patients Are Very High

Though they are one of the most common symptoms reported after a concussion, the vision problems associated with traumatic brain injury are still not well understood. We are just now getting a sense of how common these vision issues really are, and a new study in the February issue of Optometry and Vision Science says…


By On December 18th, 2012

Children’s Brains Show Structural Change Long After Symptoms

Children who have sustained a traumatic brain injury have evident brain change for long after the physical symptoms subside. These findings were published in The Journal of Neuroscience, and the implications for children are not great. Children have more fragile brains than adults because their brains are still developing. While there has been huge concern…

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