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By On June 20th, 2013

Cycling Safety: Helmets Protect Your Brain

A new study out of Australia reviewed by Science World Report has found that using certified to AS/NZS 2063 standards bicycle helmets effectively reduced serious brain injury, contrary to anti-helmet rhetoric.  Crashing without a helmet exposes the head to accelerations and forces – or loads – up to 9.5 times greater than with a helmet.  In…


By On June 17th, 2013

Study Shows Bicycle Helmets Lower Risk Of Brain Injury

Helmets have been getting some confusing reviews lately, as contact-sports and the concussions associated with them are getting more press coverage and researchers are looking everywhere for ways to prevent those brain injuries. Many studies have shown that football helmets are actually not able to protect against the traumatic brain injuries many claim they can,…

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