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By On June 8th, 2018

What does the Triple Crown have to do with concussions?

This weekend, millions will be watching as jockey Mike Smith rides Justify in an attempt to win a Triple Crown. However, few are prepared in the event of a head injury on the track. Unlike the majority of sports these days, horse racing still continues without the protection of a concussion protocol for jockeys, despite…


By On June 13th, 2017

Male athletes hide concussions to avoid looking “weak”

Young men and women in high school athletics are becoming increasingly aware of the signs and risks of concussion, but a new study shows the male athletes are significantly less likely to tell anyone when one happens. The report shows that male athletes still share a “show-no-weakness” mentality that could be putting them at higher…


By On October 25th, 2016

A Single Season of Football Can Change The Brain

It has become all but inarguable that concussions can have a lasting impact on athlete’s brains, accumulating to cause permanent damage and potentially cause chronic traumatic encephalopathy – a degenerative brain disease. However, there is mounting evidence that athletes may not need to experience a concussion to cause significant damage to their brains. Dr. Christopher…

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