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By On July 20th, 2018

Athletes with ADHD may be at extra risk for depression and anxiety after concussion

A new small study suggests athletes with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may face unique challenges after a concussion, including increased risk of developing depression and anxiety symptoms. According to the findings, recently presented at an American Academy of Neurology conference in Indianapolis, college athletes with a history of both ADHD and concussion showed significantly higher scores…


By On June 13th, 2017

Male athletes hide concussions to avoid looking “weak”

Young men and women in high school athletics are becoming increasingly aware of the signs and risks of concussion, but a new study shows the male athletes are significantly less likely to tell anyone when one happens. The report shows that male athletes still share a “show-no-weakness” mentality that could be putting them at higher…


By On September 15th, 2016

Do Higher Altitudes Reduce Concussion Risk? This Study Says No

While recent research has shed a great deal of light onto the mechanisms underlying concussions, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding the common brain injuries. A new study set out to dispel one such misleading claim that playing sports at higher altitudes reduces athletes’ risk of concussions. As the findings published this month…


By On August 30th, 2016

Staying In The Game After a Concussion Doubles Recovery Time

Taking a concussed athlete out of the game doesn’t just protect them from a more dangerous secondary brain injury. A new study says it can also reduce an athlete’s recovery time. The findings published in the journal Pediatrics show that high school athletes who immediately stop playing after a brain injury recover almost twice as…


By On July 15th, 2016

NASCAR Star Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sidelined Due To Concussion

NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. is bowing out of a major upcoming race this weekend due to a possible concussion. Earnhardt’s team Hendrick Motorsports released a statement today saying the racer was not cleared by doctors for the upcoming Sprint Cup Series Event this weekend in New Hampshire due to “concussion-like symptoms.” “I wasn’t feeling…

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